robin williams Halloween Extravaganza?


Dec 26, 2005
hey NT,

ive heard someone in my class saying something about robin williams on halloween and that this is the time of the year where he gives out a @#%$ load of stuff, anybody know if this is true?
it aint no secret where he lives in sea clif. he has another house in the castro too.

Where's the haunted hospital? Is it the one that's in the Presidio?
the hospital tonight? you guys serious? :lol:
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the 0 is a zero...word​
a real haunted hospital? mind to share some info?
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My little cousins went trick-or-treating one year, and he gave out TOOTHBRUSHES. But I also heard he gave out PS2s one year. Nonetheless, he's got some good movies.
^No he doesn't. Unless some means like 1... or 1 1/2.

Team Robin Williams represent.
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i remember back in elementary, someone told me he passed out GameBoys
Hella DOPE!
Rumors around my school before Halloween was that he was gonna give out PS3's & X Boxes for the first 30 or 50 people. It wasn't true. I think it was glow sticks.
so do you line up for it or what? haha
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