Rocko...with another hit in Atlanta...

Joined Jun 17, 2006
This single will only get SEMI-AIRPLAY in GEORGIA only....

Not that hot enough (IMO) to pop anywhere else...

Rocko was on a roll with his first two/three singles from the last album, then fell off with all the time he been doing nuffin'
Joined Sep 17, 2009
rocko is a copycat
he follows every lil trend and catches them on the end of them being hot
Joined May 14, 2007
Originally Posted by cartune

Yea but I got his Hard Drive tho...
That's cold, g....

I was wondering what happened after the Wildlife mixtape dropped cuz he was ghost...

Thought he had label problems or something
Joined Dec 21, 2002
Didn't know this was him.
Heard this on the radio when i was back in memphis for the first time and changed this crap.

Maybe it's my....... was getting annoying.
Joined Jan 2, 2010
^like that means anything... its plenty of wack **** gettin requested in different areas right now as i type... dont mean its good...
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