runners, trainers help!!!!!

Aug 31, 2008
Really need your help. ok, ive been training on and off for a year now, and ever since ive started ive been using the adaidas t-mac 2 for EVERYTHING!
running, lifting, resistance... everything and ive beaten them to submission.
ive been meaning to buy training/ running shoe for a while, thing is I dont know much about running, (pronation, stability, etc)
i know just a bit about training needs, but since iam essentially a hoop shoe guy, i dont know what to buy.

heres the low down:
i need an almost do-it all type shoe, for running, training, plyo's lifting and such.

i am really flat footed, but im finicky about cushioning, (thats why i used the t-macs for running since they're softer than phylon, which when i used aphylon based hoop shoe for running i almost got injured).

iam not heavy for my hieght

and i need something thats not to pricey but durable.

Really need your advice NT, thanks!!!

btw says that i need stability control shoes, wtv that is... please advise.
get cross trainers. Nike Superbads are pretty good imo. Max Air, good for running on turf, pavement or in a gym. Great for lifting too. Nike free trainersare great too, but you have to get used to the minimal cushioning. Hope this helps
If you can find any, you should try the Nike Free 7.0 Trainer. That's what I used and they were great.
- Low to the ground
- Large out-trigger for stability
- Strap around foot for lockdown and more stability
- Good amount of cushioning for weightliftiing
- Free technology to imitate barefoot running (which strengthens your feet).

They'll be hard to find because they are discontinued, but you should try out the Nike Free line in general.
They just released a new batch of Free Everydays, 5.0s, and 3.0s
If you buy them, make sure you ease into them to prevent injury. Your feet need to adjust to the system.
I'm planning to buy the 3.0s soon myself.
thanks guys, ive done some research, and iam leaning towards the free everydays, since i have weak ankles and arches... btw forgot to mention that the otherreason why need to buy a pair of trainers is that
i bought a pair of navy zoom soldier 3's and though the zoom will stand up to punishment, the cushlon midsole wont and its far to restrictive to strengthenmy foot. (great for ballin though)

iball, your that advanced with the free system.... nice job man, most people i know just stick to the 7-5's

thanks again, keep the advices coming, need more info. thanks.
Brooks Beast for your flat feet, but if you want something a little cheaper try the Asics GT2140. You want to try for running shoes that have a medial post foroverpronation. Flat feet = overpronation.
brooks aren't available her in the Philippines man. tnx for the suggestion though, much appreciated. keep em coming guys.
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