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Senior year of track. I'll be running both short distance and long distance.

I'm looking for a shoe that is great for running, is comfortable, and is very light.

I've heard that Nike, while being the top dog in running shoe sales, do not actually produce the best running shoes.

Also, I've had a history of Plantar fasciitis but I wear some foam inserts that help out with that, so if you want to consider that a factor in the recommendation you can but it's not necessary.

Thanks in advance to whoever helps out!
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I say it's more of a trial & error thing. Because it's what makes you feel comfortable in running.

For example, I tried atleast 5 different brands insprint shoes, and at first I thought it was all about the weight of the shoe, to which brand has better quality... yada yada

Well in the end, I found out the Brooks was best for me, so I stayed with that brand, because I have kind of narrow feet, and a lot of Brook's shoes are narrow.
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I wear Mizuno Wave Riders. They are great. The Mizuno website has alot of technical shoes.
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i had mizuno wave riders for xc, but they're more for LD... for sprints i would go for a lightweight trainer or even a racing flat... i run in brooks t6 racers and they're awesome... i fly through turns
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1. Figure out your foot type.

2. Get shoes recommended for you and your gait cycle.

3. Try them on and see which ones react to you and feel the best. Running shoes do not have a break in period similar to basketball shoes. They should feel great from the get go.

4. Run!
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I'd help but I did long n high jump. I never finished a mile in under 7 min. LOL. I was always amazed at the distance runners just runnin all practice. Much respect. Good luck.
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ima junior is hs...ive used the lunar trainer for xc/indoor track season
and the lunaracer as of recent for ending of indoor/start of outdoor...
they work for me

im a 400m and 800m runner
Joined Jul 2, 2001
Did you do ANY research to see if the Riders would work for you and not just go off of what works for everyone else?
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Yeah. You should go to a running shoe store and see if you overpronate/underpronate and your foot type and see what shoe is best for you. I would wear track spikes.
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