Russian Bear's Nike Air Force 1s collection. Favorites. AF1

Sep 12, 2012
Hi, fam
Let me continue showing my collection i got thru the years. This time it will be AF1s, i used to love this shoe a lot. Here are some of my favorites

Used to have 3 pairs of these. Fav cw from Slam Jam pack. Hard to wear and keep these in good condition

These were really hard to find in my size

These became my winter beaters, holding on great

Must have 1s at that time for me. Creasing became a problem here

Neven been looking for any from this Canvas pack, but these were the very good steal back in ol good ebay days

Crispy... I never even tried to complete the 1World collection, a lot of of those i never ever liked, but these are fire

One of my fav Hi's from 2007+ era, i never got luck on the red pair, which is awesome too

Here let's check older ones, the way better ones) 2006 and older

Have both pairs, both pairs are great, but i prefer this cw. And those boxes tho...

It was a hard ebay night ending auction. Only one HTM i even owed. Quality is superb here
And of course, Sheeeeeeds. Always loved these, i was close to have all the GR releases, but never had time

Love the color combo!

There were the Grail for me, tough to find
Those blue Bobbito Highs are a personal favorite for me as well. Along with the 3rd pair of his Lows.

I just wish the sizing wasn’t so funky on the Highs because I bought my normal size but they feel big.
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