S1xt6en and Townez Present Are We There Yet The Mixtape Vol.1

Apr 16, 2007
What's good NT,

For all who love good music i wanted to ask for your support to check out my new mixtape I just uploaded online....I rep VA Bad Newz to be exact...To me it's crack but I believe I might be a little biased I am not sure.. If you get a chance download it form the link... appreciate y'all! one..

Hope you like it feedback is appreciated!

I just downloaded this joint.. Dope so far. I was listening to the "Addicted to Retail" joint and thought "this gotta be a NTer"
Whatup fam? I ain't DL the joint but I'll definitely check it out. It's funny one of your tracks came up on the iPod like 3 weeks ago...

It wasn't one of the better ones but at least you got some spin!
hey yall whats good i havent got on here in like forever but i see that yall downloaded the mixtape or atleast tried! Thank you I got something brand new instore and I am about to post now so please check it out!
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