SACRAMENTO NTers. Get me an address for 20$ paypal.

Jul 27, 2004
Ok so heres the deal. I live in the Peninsula, but i need to know an address in South Sacramento. I cant make the 2 hour drive there and 2 back.

I show you the house on google earth, and the street name, you get the house address.

Bam, 20$ paypal to you.
depends what part in s.sac...whats the street?
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As long as we're talking about suburbs...
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let me know what you need the address for and ill do it. Ill go anywhere in south sac meadowview, fruitridge, power inn, florin perkins,etc.
I looked it up...its off of Franklin going down Mack...Too far for me, sorry
Im a woman, if that matters....
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