Safe steroids?

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Hey Guys,

This might sound like a gag post, but are there any safe steroids, natural alternatives, or anything like that?

Just wondering....already have the flamesuit on or whatever the internet geeks call it, so save the jokes.

Does anyone on NT actually do steroids?
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Originally Posted by DatZNasty

regular steroids while cycling on and off appropriately

Yeah, with proper cycling and PCT you should be fine, short-term at least.

I don't see myself ever doing it though. I saw some bodybuilder who was talking about how even if you do all that properly, take injectables instead oforals to avoid liver stress, PCT right so your natural hormone balance is OK, etc., they still make your heart's muscles grow just as they make the rest ofyour muscles grow, and this enlarged heart gives you health problems later on.
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Originally Posted by rck2sactown

Winny is safest..... Avoid taking anything orally.

Not a bulking steroid, you mainly take it to get cut. And there are plenty of others as "safe."

The one thing I'll say about steroids....I'd take them over PH/DS supplements any day. More effective, less side-effects, less toxic, MUCH betterunderstood (studied for 30+ years).
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If you have to ask....then you haven't done enough research

If you are truly serious about taking steriods, I suggest invest as much time into research because their both positve and negative effect. The negatives issome cases outweigh the positives. Basically all I am saying is be prepared for what ever. You don't want to end up wiht an abscess in your leg because youmessed up an injection.

Also what are your intentions for use? Do u just want to get jacked quick or are you using these for sports. I also hope you are not a teenager because theeffects can be potentially far worse.

Anyways if your interested in some information, I have some links, pm me
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What do you define as a "safe" steroid. There is no such thing as a steroid with no side effects, therefore theyre all dangerous.

Why do you want to take a steroid? If youre taking it just to get bigger then its not worth it at all.
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Originally Posted by kingk777


Ways of not "shrinking" and/or losing one's mind?
anadrol probably for bulking, insane gains in mass and strength
winstrol for lean mass, you wont gain much in wieght, but your strength rises and you get cut up

"shrinking" or atrophy may or may not happen, depending on your body/dosage
but it just happens during the cycle and they go back to normal size

and "roid rage" is not proven. youll be fine. dudes usually just get too cocky when they got extra size and get a temper
or already suffer from small man complex and the roids just amplify it
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