Sam Adams?! Really?!

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What's NT's thoughts on this kid Sam Adams (rapper from Boston) who is famous for being rumored to buying over $75,000 worth of his own music on iTunes, which got him #1 on the iTunes hip hop chart a couple of weeks ago.  I go to school at UMass and kids are going crazy about him, especially because is going on a 6 city New England college tour that's being headlined by Sam Adams and of course UMass is one of those stops.  I know it's a New England thing and they're just supporting their Boston white boy (even though he isn't from Boston) but I just wanted to make sure I'm not crazy and his buzz is only LOCAL and not on a national level.  The kid is so bad I won't even embed anything but if you want to cause permanent damage to your ears, YouTube is your friend.
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(rapper from Boston)

(even though he isn't from Boston)
people are none too happy about this.

"I've never been too worried about the 'hood realm of hip-hop. I don't really find it to be something I need to break into."
or this.
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Originally Posted by Al3xis

"I've never been too worried about the 'hood realm of hip-hop. I don't really find it to be something I need to break into."
or this.

I meanm I don;t really have a problem with this statement cause it's true...

But I have actually heard the College Remix down in bars at New Orleans.  I wouldn't say his buzz is national but just college wise.  But yea, the college remix is cool I guess for what it is, but when I peeped his other songs they were
and not the good

Where is he actually from???
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lived in boston my whole life and i'm hip to a lot of local heads but i never heard of this kid before last week.

doesn't matter since he's trash anyway.
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AMP, I would agree, but the issue was that article came along with this photo..

That (3's) is Boston street culture to the core. so it was contradictory to say the least.

And then label yourself 'Boston's Boy'...people take enough issue with those who claim Boston when they're from Cambridge or Lawrence this kid is from Wayland.

it just been seen as disrespectful for those who have put their years in and this kid now steps right in to the forefront with no dues paid. Nobody had ever knew of him. I've never seen an artist come out of the blue like he has. Usually someone that makes it nationally had a local buzz before hand, not him.

There have Boston 'college' acts for years and always will be, he just needs to stay in that lane.

It's silly and I'm sure some of the backlash is due to jealousy but he's given the 'elder' spokesman a reason not to *%!* with him.
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Just saw his video for "Drivin me Crazy" or whatever yesterday. Don't care for him, but he's one of those viral college rappers that'll go away in a few months.

And to give him the benefit of the doubt, Billboard or one of those top publications proved that he couldn't have bought $75k worth of album downloads himself.
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