Santa Barbara Halloween


heh its a cockfest if you dont know anyone.

as long as you know of a party, its fun see the masses of people and then getting drunk. i go to ucsb so i should know...

holla front!
I actually go to school here, but I'm a freshman so I have no idea what goes on. Can anyone "school" me. Kriptiks were you the guy wearing the black/red 13's on the bus who was talking about niketalk?
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cops are @#%$! if ur under 21, dont even think about drinking. last year we were on the main street (del playea i thnk) where everythign was goin on, and we were chillen in a firends front yard and cops would come and card you. you cant drink at all on the street cuz they're mobbing it up and down and will give you a ticket, cuz my friend got one for underage drinking

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You have to know someone, and get there early so you can park somewhere. It gets crazy packed, but there are maaaaaad half naked broads all over the place. If you're not 21 don't walk anywhere with alcohol, I found out the hard way. The parties can be cool, but they won't let any dudes in unless they know you. I'm an USC student, but went to SB two years in a row. It was cool.
Early !!!
First, My friend's said there are more and more foot patrol on the beat to catch public intoxication and underage drinking.

Secondly, cockfest

Lastly, 1 out of 4 females have an STD.
straight cockfest, if u wanna see and hang out with that many dudes just go to castro in sf
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I go to UCSB, and if you don't know people n don't have legit parties to go to it will seem like a cockfest, luckily I do yeah I'm gone!
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