Santana Moss Gets A Haircut

Apr 30, 2005********.com/media/2009/04/headshots-025.jpg

Apparently, this is old news. "I had this done right afterthe season," Moss tells me. "Just decided it was time for a change."

So of course I feel kind of unobservant and obtuse, and I'm going over it in my head:

I've seen Moss in a ******** helmet (obviously), and he wears various skullcaps and headcoverings a lot. There's the cornrows, and those few practices last season when he blew it out completely (pictured below), so maybe I'm forgetting something -- and then I notice that, in fact, almost everyone who sees him is just as surprised as I was.

"It makes you look younger," special teams coach Danny Smith says.

"I know," Moss responds. "That's why I almost didn't do it."


all athletes should have nice haircuts imo...they're millionaires anyway.
Dude looks better tho...
Dude was WAY too old for braids in the first place....

*looks like a brolic Jermaine Dupri in the bottom pic
this *untitled* lucky I aint seen him all off-season. :

last time I seen Tan was after ********/Bucs game, before Sean T was murdered
Originally Posted by theone2401

No hairline jokes? NT slippin

Yeah, I was wondering the same thing.. Is this the same forum that made fun of the Barack Obama's hairline on the official presidential photo?
I've always thought he had a rather large forehead

I wonder if he'll still wear the skull cap.

He wore it around everywhere like Ray Lewis
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