SB Accounts in Beaverton?

Check the NSB store locater.
Really though, I'm just here to boost my post count.
you've got shady @#%$ ARMORY. watch out though, they like to hold and do presales. may as well take your chances w/ exit since theyve increased their location count. bridgeport and salem.

what're the chances of heading to ARMORY randomly and there being SBs there? also i haven't heard of the other two, any help on how to get there?
I have a spot but you can't know about it :stoneface:
hey undergrad, how hard is it to get exclusive sb's down in salem? :nerd:
Team Pacific Northwest
Check out Just Be Complex in downtown.

Do not do that.
"I don't give a (expletive) about no trade rumors. As long as somebody CTC, at the end of the day I'm with them For all you that don't know what CTC means, that's Cut The Check.
hahaha the salem exit is the oldest location. 1993 or 94. I cant believe they expanded to Bridgeport. SOOOO WACK. The Salem store always has the generic stuff, but never anything good. I got screwed on Unkles and Hunters because of this.
I want to trade my size 11.5 Giants URLs for something bigger.
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