Scammed on Kixify

Joined Mar 11, 2015
I recently purchased the Marvin 7s on Kixify and sent full payment with my bank debt card through paypal. I go to look at the original post and account of the seller and both say they have been disabled. I send messages to the seller through Kixify and to his yahoo email. Not a single reply. So obviously it is a scam. 

Is there anyway I could get my money back?

I send emails to Kixify and Paypal support and haven't gotten a reply from either.

Anyone here can help me out?


Joined Jan 11, 2014
Hey dude sorry to hear this. Was in this same boat too with eBay/kixify hella risky sometimes. Personally if the seller has sizes available but no feed back whatsoever I automatically write off as scam off bat. Best bet is telling PayPal your cousin/or other family members have access to your account and didn't have permission to use it at the moment and an alert came to your phone of a unauthorized use of account. I was forced to do this when an eBay seller went ghost deleted account didn't respond to texts and constant mags. Reasons why I hate this sneaker **** so much. Be safe and smart of luck
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