School Me On Cheap Used Cars

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Make a long story short: Got hit, ins totaled car, giving me cash 3800

Now I'm fully aware that I cant get a real nice car for 3800. I just refuse to ever have another car payment until I have a lot more money saved. So I've been looking at some cars for sale but at that price Im only gonna get high milage/older cars. I need somethin LOW MAINTENANCE that will last me another year, year and a half/30-50k miles. By then ill have money to get somethin much nicer.

Im single, grindin, so i dont need anything fancy, at the same time i refuse to ride around in one of those multi colored, geo prism joints
Gotta look somewhat respectable

I did some lookin around online but I figured I might as well use all the resources I got, so yall got any suggestions? Any of yall got whips that have lasted awhile, or heard of some? Any advice on buyin cheaper used cars?
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late 90s - early 00s Hondas, Toyotas, & Nissans...
make sure you have a mechanic inspect before you buy. 
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i would look for a car under or around 150k miles more or less
and take it to a mechanic b4 your final deal.
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99 honda accord. I got one for 5k two years ago.
Put 60k miles on it so far. Only maintenance I had to do was timing belt (other than brakes).
And I drive crazy, they'll last thru anything.
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If i were you i would get ahold of a acura or a honda..3800 car will be good for a min
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Damn much appreciated it I found some good cars that I wasnt originally lookin at. Ill def do some history on em too. 

Ill let yall know what I get lemme know if I made a mistake
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