School Me on Grand Prarie, Texas...just moved here=(


Nov 5, 2006
So yea, i just moved down to TX from PgC (in Maryland) and it's really different over here.....alot of wide open spaces, looks prettty dry ova here, and idk...seems really boring compared to MD...
after driving around a lil, i saw absolutely nothing but food there any shoeplaces / good shopping malls or anything around here? i'm a lil worried about wheather i can stay fresh or not....

help a new Texan out...tell me bout errything
New To Nike Talk, Not To Shoes....

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kenny welcome to Tejas...

where do you live exactly in Grand Prarie? there are no really good spots. if your a size 9 there is a nike sample guy over at a huge flea market called traders village. peg, adikt, and eleven80 are all in dallas within a few miles from each other. there is absolutly nothing in fort worth. arlington has parks mall. not much there but its a mall spot that gets jordan releases. big mikes is in ducanville, nice kicks not so good prices. if you skate there is a skatepark over in gp. hit me up and i will send you in the right direction...stay up
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