school me on Hacienda Heights....errr LA

Jun 27, 2003
I'm here for the weekend and I was wondering if there are any reccommended spots to hit up (outlets, skate shops, ill clothing stores, im rather fond of stussy and AMs, etc.)
scratch hacienda, im drivin to LA

help an NT'er out!!

there isn't a damn thing in Hacienda Heights besides an indoor swap meet and some good mexican food.
You shouldn't be too far from Puente Hills Mall, although I havn't been there in a while to really elaborate on what's there besides alot of asians :tongue:

hmm, looks like i gotta drive me to what are the best places to hit up in LA?

ive only got about 5 hours before i gotta head back to hacienda, so are there any spots close together, so idont have to hit a bunch of shops across town from each other
yes, melrose street between la brea and fairfax and also down on fairfax there are lots of shops. or you can go to malls.
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theres not much in hacienda heights, but the city over (Rowland Heights, full of asians/asian markets/asian food) has some good spots. Check out Banana Bay for dinner (Thai, great house band & atmosphere) and if you're into the whole yogurt thing, there's a ceFiore in the same plaza as Banana Bay. It's on the corner of Fullerton and Colima.
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there's not much, but store 13 is in west covina which is not too far off, as well as active san dimas.
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Life Plaza is over there in rowland heights which is i think by the 60 freeway? pretty chill plaza.

but yeah prob have to drive to LA, not that far like 25 min drive.
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life plaza is HARDLY chill. that @#%$ is packed every night its ridiculous....
... just do it ...
^you cannot beat life plaza's buy 1 get 1 free slush mango boba and they're open late
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^ uh i never said anything about their boba or their late hours. all i said is it is packed every night and is so full of people, it hardly is a spot to chill. sure their crepes and boba spots are great. too bad it could take u a solid 10 minutes to find parking.
... just do it ...
Good thing I don't live in rowland heights anymore, the city I've grown up in is turning into china town.

Oh yeah, I'm posting from my sidekick and you just read my sig.
turning into chinatown??
hacienda+rowland heights have BEEN chinatown southeast since the early 90's......just like alhambra, mp, san gabriel, etc. even farther back than that for the latter.
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