School me on Preventing Creases

if you dont want creases dont wear'em..or walk like aduck..just crease your shoes trust me they look harder if they look like that..or stuff them back up after every where
Order some de-creasers from or order the gourmet kickz ones(sorry dont know the website off the top of my head) or even them force fields from footlocker. I use the box-fresh and believe they work very well.
I think regular people (Non-NTers) just look at the shoes, and colors. They don't focus the much on the creases.
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^^what does that have to do with him wanting to prevent creases?
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the easiest way is don't where your shoes. creases are inevitable.
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what ever had happend to nike saying they are gonna make un-creasable leather? saw it in some thread
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gte the Force Fielders from finishline.
i got a pair and itt actually works.
all it is a plastic plate that goes inside the shoe where the toebox is.

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