School Me on the LA County Fair

May 1, 2006
Yup ive lived in SoCal all my life and ive never been. My best friend said shes taking me so can someone explain to me what goes on? How much does stuff cost? How much are rides? What kind of rides do they have? What are some must-do activities?
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It's at the Pomona Fairplex so it's going to be really hot. I haven't been there, but I know they have concerts and stuff there.
go on the first day its the cheapest day otherwise i say skip it. you pay for everything, better off going to an amusement park.
Yeah, OC fair would have been better, Pomona isn't really the spot to be giving people the stare - bad crowds, expensive food, insane parking.

But the weather is cooling down :pimp:

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I went to the LA fair last year and it was disappointing compare to the OC fair. It was stanky.
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i went on opening day. it sucked... my girl and i stayed for less than 2hrs. spent most of the time at the horse racing. food is overpriced. like people have been saying, its a hang out for gangsters. Cops everywhere. parkin is overpriced and sucks. over crowded. smells like a dirty wet rag. it was practically the same as the oc fair, but the oc fair is much cleaner and the crowd is better. im sticking to the oc fair. saw lots of bums jus chilling inside too. if u do go, wear your beaters.
thats why I stick to OC Fair.

Me too.

Went to the LA Fair last year and it was terrible. Went to the OC Fair this year and it was so much better. The crowd alone makes OC Fair > LA Fair
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