'Scream 4': Cast is onboard; Wes Craven is directing

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It's official: Scream 4 is a go. Dimension Films announced today that the fourth iteration of the popular series is back and starting production this spring. Kevin Williamson is writing, Wes Craven is directing, and Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courteney Cox have all signed on to reprise their roles from the original Scream movie. The veterans are set to join a new group of young actors who have yet to be announced. Scream 4 will be released on April 15, 2011. Said Craven in a press release, "Working with Courteney, David, and Neve was a blast ten years ago and I'm sure it will be again. »
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I used to have the biggest crush on Neve back then.  Maybe she'll finally die in this one or end up being the killer
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Was a big fan of all 3 Scream movies. Im interested to see how this one turns out, apparently it takes place 10 years later after Scream 3.

Neve officially on set...
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I'm down. Kind of kills Randy's 'trilogy speech' in 3, but whatever.

I remember seeing on SportsCenter a LONGGG time ago at some college football game they were having tryouts for Scream 4, aka whoever could scream theloudest. That was years ago.

Some of the rumors for the movie are rediclous, but mad interesting... below.. if you respond please respond in black or spoiler tags so i dont get $$@$+!! at.

Spoiler [+]
Writer Kevin Williamson is set to return for the fourth film, which he envisions to be the first of a new trilogy and could feature the return of David and Courteney Cox Arquette.[5]

Jamie Kennedy told iFMagazine that he was in talks of reprising his role as Randy Meeks. Despite the character being killed off in Scream 2, Kennedy said, "I actually had a conversation with somebody very big in the organization, and there's a way. I don't know what's going to happen, but they have plans for a lot of things. You can see new faces you wouldn't expect and you can see old faces that you wouldn't believe. There's a way to bring a lot of things around."[6][7]
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