SEAGATE Outlet Center SALE!!!!!!!!!

Joined Oct 26, 2005
Nice deals on here for anyone looking for some storage, that Maxtor OT4 for $29.99 is not bad.

I need an external but would need it with triple interface, FW/USB/eSata, and the New Xtremes are $149 on newegg, so the $25 less ain't that great

Seagate FreeAgent Desktop 1TB, $89.99

Seagate FreeAgent Desktop 750GB, $74.99

Maxtor OT4 Mini 160GB, $29.99

Seagate FreeAgent Pro 1TB (Triple Interface), $124.99

Seagate FreeAgent Desktop 500GB, $59.99

Maxtor BlackArmor 160GB, $49.99

Seagate 2.5" Internal Kit SATA 160GB, $29.99

Seagate 3.5" Internal Kit PATA 500GB, $64.99

Maxtor 3.5" Internal Kit PATA 500GB, $64.99

Maxtor Shared Storage II Dual Drive 2TB, $249.99

Maxtor OneTouch III Turbo Edition 1.5TB, $149.99

Maxtor 3.5" External Storage 200GB, $24.99

Free Ground Shipping on Orders $50 or more! Use promo code:wow:utletfreeship

Joined Oct 26, 2005
for some reason, this sale ain't as good as last years... these prices are pretty close to the New Seagates on Newegg
Joined Feb 12, 2003
Are SSD drives good/worth it? Or is it just wise to stick to the typical?

The idea of moving parts = failure scares me for backups...

I need another hard drive, most likely external. I want to combine the crap from my girls macbook and my work computer (got all my music).

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