Seaglow REALLY Works (pics)

Sep 29, 2006
For those of you that inquired about seaglow previously it really works.

Heres My Concords with some seaglow (lightning messes some pictures up)

took me 3 hours still havent gotten as white as i can but was pretty chincy on the seaglow because i didnt have tape.
SO FAR Its working surprisingly well and i would definitely recommend it. one of my shoes its almost completely icey just VERY minor yellowing


During Process:

After (Shoe on top havent applied second layer, shoe one bottom applied first and second layer):

wow sweet! how much was the seaglow after shipping to canada in CDN dollars?
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not bad. but thats 2 much work ...
FS: DS size 10 AJ DMP package, DS size 10 AJ XIII low white/maize, VVVNDS AJ 11 Retro Columbia size 11, AJ XVIII towels all Brand new in blk, red, blue color.(send me ur best offer)
wow im very impressed.... how long did your package take to arrive from HAWAII???.... (thats where its being shipped from no?)
"....its like CRACK to a JUNKIE...."
Someone should buy bulk and resell for $30'@#%$ for a 16oz here in Toronto, I'd be up for buying 1 or 2 :D
WOW!!!. that is significant. My concords are so yellow their almost orange. I may need several applications but that SEAGLOW is remarkable.
wow very nice. whats the web for seaglow again? kinda thinking of trying them with my V's too.
seaglows are good but i heard that if its too yellowed, it doesnt work
from my experience it is true... my caramel concord didnt get better even after 3 applications
but my dmp got better... i think if you wear the shoes, it doesnt work on worn part either...
very nice
i searched for the website but couldn't find it
someone post the link
I need seaglow.. just too lazy to order online.

Glad to know yellowing can be fixed
Has anyone used the "sealing" product in addition to seaglow?

How many kicks (light to moderate yellowing) can you restore with a bottle of seaglow?
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