Seattle University going Div 1 NCAA bball...discuss

It'll take awhile for SU to even be competitive with UW. Right now they don't even have a conference to join. I think it's great the state, and Seattle especially, gets another D-1 team though. That makes Five for Washington. SU would be a perfect destination for local guys getting into a D-1 program.
Keep the Sonics in Seattle​
Ray / & KEVIN/ & Rashard / & Chris / & Luke / & Earl / & Damien / & Nick / & Johan
I agree with dmbrhs, I think it will be awesome in the long run, especially since it will help establish a strong basketball tradition in the Northwest. I went to RHS too, by the way.
Team Wolverines​
We Got Hart.​
The First ever Monorail Series!!! Forget the days of the NY Subway series, Seatown's got our own monorail series!! Whats up now NY lol
will be great longterm, and painful short term
LOVEYOU want them..
not because everyone else does.."
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