SF2? Is it worth the drive?

Jul 1, 2004
I was gonna go by there to try to get some stuff yesterday but I went around 4pm and traffic was awful... I'm not familiar with the north side very well. Is this store worth the effort I'd have to put in to get to it from the SW side? Is it as good as PG?
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Thats a good question.sf2 is a OK store right now because they just opened.There isnt that many peaple that go there so U can take your time and look around. They have nice stuff but U have to find the right shoe in the right size.EX/ they might have heat but just one pair in once size in some cases,but not all.But depending how far U live I say U should go.
the one

Is it the shoes? Is it the shoes?! Money it's gotta be the shoes.
Thanks for the info. I actually read the first reply while about 10 min away from the place. I live in the viscinity of Sharpstown, a lil further down 59 south actually... With 4pm traffic it was about and hour drive. Was worth the effort, but they didn't have much left, but sounded promising by saying they're getting new shipments and will call when they get them in so I won't have to burn $20 worth of gas to get there.
"Sex at age 90 is like trying to shoot pool with a rope." - George Burns
i heard they got fakes n such...
there's a "lady" that owns it i think named theresa ? is it the same person who owns "sports fan" that fake forcesn bapes store? if so.......ima chill

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