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May 14, 2002
For me I got up late but I was lucky to still secure the 4 pairs I needed ( 2 for me and 2 for friends ) . Fiesta Mall was great cause there were plenty of pairs to go around and everyone was chill and seemed to come away with their size . Good morning cause I got to catch up with my boys and grab some nice kicks . How did everyone else do on Saturday ?
i had mines on lock.............but they ended up selling them.....

copped mine from stevens on 43rd and Indian School. They have the new Jordan track jacket, hoody, and hat to match 3's if anyone is interested

Alex, how do they compare to the 99 Retro's?
fiesta mall mine was on lock but alexzona we tried to order a size 10 yesterday and it went threw just so you know if you wanted more
^ Wow that's awesome thanks for the info . I'm glad they made a bunch of these because as much of the LE stuff that I have like Denims , Supreme Hi's and low's , Unkles, Espos and so on it never fails that to me it's the GR OG stuff that is always what I want the most . Like to that release I wore my black/red AJ 11 lows a simple GR shoe that I never see anyone wear . Jaydunks the difference is the tongue seems puffier and broader on the re-retros . The lace locks have jumpmans instead of saying nike . The difference in width is not as much as some would lead you to believe . The air unit seems maybe a hair smaller and the air columns are black were they are white on first retro . Also the air bag seems to be tinted black instead of clear like the old retros but it could just be an illusion created by the black air columns . And of the course the way the Nike air looks on the back of the OG's and retros goes without saying that it supreme in comparison to a jumpman . But hey I still really really like the re-retros .
Thanks for the info Alex. I like how you named off some of your heat LOL. Wish I had some of those
ALEX...............showoff :frown:

ps. a friend of mine is headed up to la next weekend........anything you might be looking for sir? get at me.
finally.... i've been checking my local jordan urban account daily & nightly. they kept saying "the lazer V, oh those are sold out", but i persisted. so, today i get there right when it opened. i asked the guy if he was going to get the lazer V's today. he says "come back at 11:30 or 12:00, i think they're coming today". so i get there @ 11:30 with a smile on my face. as i walk up to the guy he looks @ me & walks to the back. two seconds later, he brings out a size 13 lazer V just for me. all & all he hooked me up so i did the same back. a little scary but pretty easy release for me. thx NT, you gave me a hint that helped me get my pair.
Slept in and didn't give them a second thought.

Not that I didn't want them, I'm just broke as hell right now!
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Didn't plan on picking these up, saw them in person and changed my mind. Drove a half an hour, walked into the spot (*thanks Alex*) and copped. Now they will surely sit in my closet and chill. I wish I could bring myself to wear them, but they are too pretty. I got some heat coming in the next day or 2 so let's resurrect the AZ pick-up post! Holla!
I'd hate to be in AZ for the DMP 2 release.
I think that the first release was funny...
Does anyone remember the dude that tried to cut the line, and when they asked what his name was, he said his name was "Clarence"
Clarence? @#%$ kind of name is that when the top 20 people were prodominantly Mexican?
I was thinking to myself, if the name "Clarence" is on the list, then I'm going to let this guy cut!!!
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