Shing Shing Regime

Joined Jul 30, 2004

was wondering if anyone ever heard of these cats? They're from Toronto so i wanted to see if any T-dot people knew about them.
I got put onto them about 3 months ago..these cats are pretty ill. Definitely something you would've heard during the "Golden-Era". Think Brand NubianXdeadprezXwu..

they do have some 5% stuff laced into it..which is refreshing to hear.

can someone help embed?
Joined Nov 10, 2007
Damn never thought I would see this on NT.
I know most of the dudes in SSR, some are from where Im at Hamilton. They cool peeps and I respect they hustle, glad they finally getting some recognition. I got a few of their cd's kickin somewhere, if I can find em ill upload them for you OP. 
Joined Jul 30, 2004
That's what's up! I been diggin' these cats heavily. They seem like some humble dudes, i build with them here and there on facebook and twitter.

i have their I AM SHING mixtape and EP. do they have any other material out?
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