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Apr 4, 2007
Hi guys. I have a couple of questions and I hope you don't mind it.

I've always been wondering, when did JB start releasing retroes in the Philippines? Or has it been since the first retroes back in 94?

And are there a lot of sneakerheads there? I'm just assuming because a good majority of sneakerheads I personally know are Filipinos. Lastly, what kind of kicks to most people wear?
I still remember seeing around 200 pairs of white/cement Jordan III 94 retros stacked in the middle of Save-A-Lot in Robinson's Galleria back in the mid 90's. They were only going for $50/pair and nobody was picking them up.

In terms of the number of sneakerheads, the number has grown significantly over the past several years (you can tell by checking out the events thread stickied on top). People here wear just about anything.
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Plus with the rising popularity of the New York hip-hop/punk culture, probably thanks to the internet and all. A lot of rich kids have been into the trend.

Thus, the fitted pants and the "fancy sneakers" thing.

Then again, I may be wrong.

Save-A-Lot in Robinson's Galleria back in the mid 90's
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$50 for some IIIs? Are you serious, wow. I wish I was there.

I recall when I was younger, all OG Jordan I's were $19.99 at Footlockers..sweet memories
i wonder what ever happened to those og shoes at cartimar and cash carry, last time i went there around 2004 they were selling fakes

Save-A-Lot in Robinson's Galleria back in the mid 90's

darn dunno why but when u mentioned save a lot what popped into my mind was that tv ad that rj used to do
Thanks for the information.

I guess you guys are pretty much ballers over there. I want to visit Manila so bad, and Pampanga because I was born over there.
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