Shoe Salon / Hide Out UPDATES.

Jan 15, 2005
This post will serve as a source of information on new releases, sale items, availabilty, events and directory for Shoe Salon.

Glorietta: 894-3567

Powerplant: 898-1298

Shangri-La: 633-5204

Eastwood: 687-3243

Gateway: 913-4784

Robinson's Place Ermita: 404-0225

Robinson's Metro East: 681-9485

Robinson's Galleria: 633-8730

Alabang Town Center: 850-5145

Podium: 687-4244

SM Mall of Asia: 556-0155

SM Pampanga: (045) 963-5292

aka sneakerbandit/snkrbndt
I believe those are the Haze New Balances. Long sold out. I'm not a big NB fan but I would love to have those and the Fiberops NB's.
^ aw crap missed out, thanks for the info thou

aka sneakerbandit/snkrbndt
just came from shoe salon shangrila..

nothing much updated. still hella 'made in england' new balances. still lots of nice adicolors, specifically the adicolor green camo one, tron, ms. piggy, smiley, goofy.

all 4000+

no white adicolors im afraid.

they also had the baseball af1s.. white/blue/red and the black/white one.. also the baseball dunk white/green/yellow

not sure of the price but the af1s werent on discount the dunks were however 10 or 20% i forget.
Thanks for the update. Did they have the multicolor Ewings aka the Adidas Attitude?
Nobody into Chucks? The World Cups have been out for quite some time now. Saw the highs - England, Brazil and Germany - over at Shangri-la.


sapatos yan, hindi trophy
[size=+1](Team Back Spasms)[/size]


Shoe Salon will be re-opening its branch at Robinson's place Ermita soon... :smokin
the iRobot chucks are back.. anyone know what other countries they have for worldcup chucks? a friend of mine who recently came from HK brought home a pair of Spain WC Chucks..
not allowed
i'm not sure if its new info.. knowing how quick people are here, it probably is, but i did see a pair of airmax 97 at shangrila branch.. it was silver with somekind of design on the sides with neon bubbles... i'm not very good at describing huh? anywayz, they were pretty nice.. check em out!
^ Yeah those are the AM 97's from the Rejuvenation Pack that Jojo mentioned in his previous post. Looks great! :smokin
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