Shoe spots in J-Town and Pasadena

Mar 17, 2002
What's good SoCal NT'ers,

I'm in town for work for a few weeks and I was curious to know if you can share some info on shoe spots in or around J-Town. R.I.F. is a planned destination for today, but I was curious to know if there were any other spots worth checkin that's within in close proximity.

Also, I was thinking about hitting up Pasadena while I'm here, so I was curious to know if there was anything out there worth checking out. I guess places in this area won't be hard to find since everything is pretty much on the strip, but your insight would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance Ladies and Gents!
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In Pasadena, you can check out Greyone, G1xSA, and Neo39.
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Neo 39 isn't open right now, I don't know if they are remodeling or shutting down but they have their windows blacked out with paper. But Grey One is right near Old Town, G1 x SA is farther down Colorado (about 6 min drive)
there is a store in that Japanese Village plaza. They used to sell lots of sample shoes. If you're in Pasadena, you might as well make a little detour to Bowls on San Gabriel and Huntington Drive.
I would say hit up RIF and (Blends around) in J-town. In Pasdaena i would go for G1 X SA (colorado)then Greyone(holly) then Bowls (San Gabriel). Theres also a place in Alhambra called Melrose Sports Palace, their a okay store. Alhambra is like little south of Pasadena.
Grand re-opening of neo39 on Sat. July 21st. There you go!

That's inaccurate, the remodeling is taking longer than initially planned. There isn't a tentative date when they will open. Most likely it will be the 27th of July.
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Neo39 will be closed til August. Their re-opening party is August 4th.

Melrose Sports Palace is the best shoe store in the SG/Alhambra/Pasadena and surrounding area.
As far as I know, only urban account around here, too.
Of course, LA and Melrose gets better.
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my mistake, don't fuss, it's cool.

It's all good, I just didn't want him waisting his time going there. Btw neo will be open before August, the party has just been moved to the 4th.
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MSP the best shoe store around alhambra/pasadena/sg? doubt it...only if you take out Pasadena area. not a bad store, but GO and even Neo39 are leaps and bounds ahead of MSP.
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