Shoe Spots in Virginia and the Carolinas??? HELP NT!!

Sep 16, 2005
What's good NT? I'm coming down to Virginia Beach on the 21st for Spring Break weekend, then I'm heading down to the Carolina states.. What shoe spots have the dopest kicks? I'm from the cinco zero tres lol.. PORTAND, OR.

To be specifc I'll be in Virginia Beach taking trips to schools (Hampton, Norfolk, Elizabeth City, NC State, Winston Salem, WForest, Bennett, Duke, NC Central, UNC- Chapel Hill, NC A&T, and Chapel Hill HS)

Yeah so if you know of any good shoe spots around any of these schools...... GET AT ME!! Thanks in advance.
For shoes in Gboro:

Headquarters-they have the best selection but be prepared to pay. Across the street from A&T

Fashion Ave on summit ave-they get some decent stuff from time to time

4 seasons mall-your basic shoe stores, DTLR is prob the best shoe store in there period
NC's Finest
NC State you have Vertical Urge for SBS they get every release and usually sit on shelves for a week or two.

Nothing is in Chapel Hill..... Nothing

Duke Either other than DTLR at Northgate mall

Contact Aim: Karkouki
also in Raleigh is endless grind, but not as good a selection as vertical (for SBs)
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