shoe with a wide base/outrigger?

Jun 9, 2007
im looking for a stable shoe, just inquiring about any opinions on shoes with an outrigger or some other aspect of the shoe that performs a similar function. Had the uptempo pros and they were nice, though i recently sprained my ankles in the wade 1.3s, which didn't really have a wide outsole and a flimsy outrigger. thx in advance.
kobe 1 and lebron 4. both have wide outsoles and are pretty stable. imo the lebrons are almost too stable. i feel like im playing flat footed in them. the kobe 1s with an athletes plus insole in them is great. i have yet to sprain my ankle in either one.
2k3's, zk1, and lbj 4 have pretty wide bases and are really stable. jordan 9.5 are kind of narrow but they offer great support.
LBJIV don't really look like it got a wide outsole at the back of the shoe, its more curved upwards to make it look more sleek.

Zoom BBs can be looked at, but i would consider the Stutter Step Nash, whether u can get the Air-Sole version or the Zoom Air version.
ZKI can definetly be considered
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ZK1, 2K4 or 2K5 and Jordan XXI. All more obtainable than some of the other shoes mentioned.

2K3's are really nice, but they're hard to find now. The Wade I's did it for me, I think the outsoles of the I and 1.3 are very similar, so I don't know, but I loved playing in the I's indoors. Great traction and court feel, fit was superb and very lightweight too.
its the only shoe that im remembering had a wide outtrigger and forefoot base.

only cus i havent bought many shoes for ballin lately.
i cant say the same about anything else.
because the young ones need love too.
Air Jordan XIX - Best all around basketball shoe I've ever played in.

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you might want to look at the crazy1s. those things have very, very wide soles.
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