show your hunting skills*****READ THE RULES BEFORE POSTING*****

Discussion in 'Philippines' started by flashout01, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. flashout01


    Oct 24, 2004
    during the recently held NT meet. Me and other heads thought of starting a thread that will encourage others to go out and cop on great deals for hiddenjewels..
    enough of those over priced hyped kicks that you get overseas.. there's still a lot of great stuff and nice deals here in PI..

    Here's the rules before posting-read-read-read-read-read-read-read-read-read-read-read-read-read-read-read
    -this is not a pick up thread. basic pick up belongs to showcase thread
    -post local finds only
    -do not post on-line or overseas deals
    -post pic of your deals with your tag and receipt on it(no ducktales here[​IMG])
    -do not post where you find those deals(so your find will not be stolen by lurkers[​IMG])
    -if you wanted to help about infos. all heads up and infos should be posted on the right update threads..
    lastly, have fun hunting on those deals(pamurahan ng heat dito hindi pamahalan[​IMG])

    like what you said Miko here it is.. let me start with these. you can find 10 to 20% off, but 30% for my size on these? notan easy task.
    (pardon my big crappy iphone pics)
  2. west2east

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    Mar 31, 2007
    You may have good intentions, but you are basically posting your pickups. We already have a thread for that.