simple question regarding retro 15.

Mar 7, 2007
I'm planning to buy the 15's this month from How wud I purchase them? I have an account. So do I wait til midnite and jus log on the website. Or is there a specific thing I have to do. As in typing in a promotion code or anything like that? This my first time buying an online exclusive off jumpman23. And I kno there are mad ppl in here kno exactly wat to do. Hopefully sumone will be able to help me out. Thanks NT
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i had the same problem when i tried to get the Nubucks XII's the site crashed and by the time i got thru they didnt have my size....
Man i feel the same way...
i feel clueless on this Online Realease thing...... Im used to just waking up and standing in a line.

not a noob... just dont post alot.
I dont really know what to do either, but im prob not going to stay up til midnight on the computer
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yea just log in arounhd midnight and keep clicking refresh until they pop up.....I never understood how people had such a hard time with nubucks either....I got a pair with no problem and it was almost a month after they came out. I had a voucher and couldnt decide between those and some I def made the right choice
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when i copped the fire red spizzy's(yeah i got em so) they actually didnt post til 12pm eastern time on that in cali so it was 9am my time im not sure if they gon do it that way but like ^^^^ said hit the refresh until you see them...they know how huge its gon be so the site maintainers should be working hard but sometimes it does crash so make sure you are online 30 minutes before logged in..and make sure your info is up to date cuz if you gotta go change your shipping address its just more time to f-up...not sure how the flight club situation is going to work but yeahhhhhhh....check the flight club post to get more info on that or an invite and if any1 needs an invite holla.......
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i just hope that they produce enough so i don't have to pay a crazy price for them after the sell out
^ I don't think these will sell out rather it's an online release or general release because come on now it's just the XV :lol:
^^ never underestimate the kicks

but who am i to judge since i am passing on this release as well
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They will sell out. All online exclusive end up sellin out cus of the hype. Didn't the thunder and lighting pack sell and there were plenty of ppl complaining of its price? I kno its the 4s and not the 15's. But how many guys in here that want all numbered jordans don't have the 15's? I'm sure alot of the younger guys don't and they wud love to walk around skool with a pair of authentic jordans that they can brag about that not many ppl have. That's jus how I see it. I'm not in skool no more. I'm only 20. But I'm a really big fanatic of the 15's. So I believe they'll sell fast since its an online exclusive for the simple fact that I can't see how anyone can not like these shoes. Lol.
NikeTalkers from 813, hola at me if u got serious heat to sell.

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Just like homeboy said...i have from 1-13 and 17 but no 15s so i will def be online that day clicking away!!!!
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I just went to jumpman23 and tired to log into the Flight Club, but I guess I never got a validation key, where do I get one? I bought the laser 4's so I have bought from them before.
I clean my inbox out everyday and never saw anything. Would you help me out with an invite? If not thanks for the help.
aye yall sorry dont have anymore invites but imma see whats up with signing up again to try and get more....
When Jena 6 Dont exsist, Tell em Thats when Ill stop saying B!tch.BIIIIIIEEEEECCCCHHHHHHH
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