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Mar 13, 2002
please help me out if you can by listing places in singapore to get jordans and other nikes. I am not interested in factory seconds, variants, or any other types of fakes. thanks
You comin down Franchise?
Here's da lowdown
Queensway Shoppin Centre
RNC Sports @ Penensula Hotel
Country Sports @ Lucky Plaza
Terminal 1 @ Suntec City
There's also gonna be a Nike End of season sale this weekend & an ADIDAS one too.
e-mail me @ i'll hook u up when ur in town.

Shout out to my S'pore NTers!!---kobestoppa, daskillz..etc anything to add???
one more place to add to the list:

the country sports outlet at singapore world trade centre.

think they have the widest range of nikes, of all the cs outlets...
if air wovens and air rifts are you thing, check out ambush in far east plaza (where there's also a country sports, i believe) and perhaps blackjack at herren. there's a tiny shop called afterlife part 1 across the hallway from ambush that sells some nikes but these are mostly one-off imports from japan.

terminal 1 is in both suntec city and bugis junction... they tend to import a lot of sneakers from japan and most likely hong kong and taiwan, though they don't seem to bring in air force 1s or dunks.

in general if you want "run of the mill" nike shoes you should avoid the nike-branded shops on orchard rd and go to straight to queensway. if you can't make it out there, the stadium at ngee ann city and the nike section at takashimaya might have various "run of the mill" nike shoes at 15-20% off, too.

if you're flying to singapore from the states, you might consider spending an afternoon or night in tokyo or hong kong or taiwan, depending on which airline you fly and where you transit. for example, the timings of the united flights from sfo or lax to singapore will give you an evening and then a morning and noon to shop in tokyo... and depending on the airline, it may not even cost you extra. (the ideal way to approach this is to pack a change of clothes and some toiletries in your carry on, put as much of your luggage into storage at narita, take the narita express train into shinjuku, and try and hit shibuya, shinjuku, and harajuku before you have to leave.) in general they're probably going to have a better selection of "hot" shoes... to be honest, singapore is pretty barren when it comes to "hot" nikes. (the adidas selection seems to be a bit better.)

in general don't expect a magical treasure trove of lost jordans, air force 1s, etc.... a more realistic expectation would be good deals on current release shoes like air gp iv or shox, etc., with the odd air jordan iii retro thrown in... if the japanese buyers haven't blown through town already.

im not sure what u guys mean by hot. popular? limited? hard to find?

i thought the honolulu kukini's were limited. but they're all over the place in S'pore.

in terms of limited edition kicks, i think terminal 1 and those streetwear shops in far east are the only places to go, and maybe some older stuff in peninsula plaza. last time i was there they had Laney Vs and Penny 3s......

im feeling dem country O snakes though.....
i too was under the impression that the honolulu air kukinis were supposed to be limited but given the number of places in sg i saw them for sale in, i assume that those got an official release from nike singapore (or is it nike s.e. asia?). during my last transit through tokyo it seemed relatively easy to find there, too, and i think i remember it being at several of the niketowns in the states.

on a related note i thought the honolulu air footscape 2s -- the floral ones -- were supposed to be limited, too, but the nike shop in melbourne was selling them as of last week... so perhaps neither one of these shoes were as limited as i thought.

i guess when i said "hot" i meant the "edgier" shoes, most retroes, that are going to end up on ebay at high prices... air force 1s, dunks, etc. at least these are the ones that i'm interested in. :smile: sg seems to get all of the latest tech shoes -- air signatures, flightposites, shox, air max, etc. -- no problem, however.

in general it seems that the edgier shoes that sg gets are the ones that don't sell well in japan... for example, many of the initial men's ace 83 colors were brought in except for the white/grey-bone one which seems impossible to find now. or look how navy and green air zoom havens were easy to find but did the black, silver, or grey ones ever come out? (if they did, i didn't notice, but then again, i wasn't looking that hard.) or how sg got practically every permutation of the air presto fazes but relatively few of the original air prestoes. my general impression is that sg seems to get all of the sale rack fodder: the footscapes in olive, green, gold, brown; the zippered air max 95s; the various air zoom seismics...

sg does get jordans, obviously, and those seem to last a reasonable amount of time until the japanese buyers descend and snap them all up. i was quite surprised to find aj3 true blues at stadium and takashimaya in my size (us9.5) at a time when queensway was cleaned out of these.

has nike singapore ever brought in air force 1s or dunks? i think i've only ever seen one or two imported ones being sold in small shops at far east plaza... and if i remember correctly, they were relatively uninteresting colors (all black mids or something like that). i've always wondered why terminal 1 doesn't get them... or if they do, they're long gone before i get there.

speaking of which, when are those chinese new year air force 1 lows going to be released? if ever?

Aqua & Leisure @ Marina Square...a veritable treasure trove on old kickz......Air Zoom Flight 96, AJX13 White/Red, Uptempos.....just take your time & look around..Yo Eric! U a 9.5? Interested in a pair of DS FP1 (Gold) I've got 2 in Ds so planning to offload, just busted my wallet on kickz including some And1 Sprees, want to get da KGs..Any Singapore NTers interested??? Oh! I copped em AI shorts from Tampines, rockin em wif my Answer V! Peace!
guess i'm late on this post!!!! most of the shops have been listed

well for rare dunks n af1 u gotta check out LARGE and Vintage Closet at far east plaza they got the khaki dunks, patent dunks, dunks lo, af1 lo, but beware prices are above the SGD 200 mark
just came back from the end of season warehouse sale. what a mess that was

anyways here was what the shoe prices were like:

AIR S$60
SHOX S$120

they had blue seismics, blue hypers, those ugly red kukinis, loads of presto changos and fazes, and the trainerposites. for prices, check above list.....

my take on the best buys:

1. Blue Hypers S$60
2. Greyish Trainerposites S$60
3. Soccer Jerseys(Holland, Inter Milan) S$15(!)

din cop anything myself, them hypers crease too much, and there werent any nike bball jerseys/shorts.

p.s. US$1 = approx S$1.80.
Whassup S'porean NT'ers?

Do check out Feder Sports at Peninsular Shopping Center. Copped a pair of DS wht/red XIIIs in a US10 coupla months back. Shop owner said he'd purchased them from another retailer and sold em to me for S$219, no discount given. They had the wht/grey/blu XIIIs too, not too sure about the run of sizes though.

Gotta agree with ercinho on the limited range of "edgier" nike's here in SIN. Guess the market potential for them is far greater in the neighbouring Asian countries so Nike SIN just brings in what they deem more sellable.

For those of you lookin to buy replica NBA jerseys in SIN, your best bet would be Twilight Zone in the basement of Peninsular Plaza. They bring in their jerseys from the US so you can be assured of their authenticity.

By the way, anyone got da hook ups for AF1 lows in a wheat/dark mocha colorway?
Posted by feathertouch29:

best shops in sg(in no particular order, from a foreigner's point of view):

sneakattack (far east plaza, peninsula plaza)
- the main store at far east plaza carry shoes that will interest most typical shoeheads, dunks, af1's. mostly nike's here.
- the branch at peninsula plaza is inside a small shop called belief that sells t-shirts. they had some undftd shirts. has a smaller selection, than that of the main. they had a pair of bape, derrty's, and a few other dunks.

limited edition (queensway shopping centre)
- different brands here, not just nike's. they had a wider selection than sneakattack in terms of nikes. they had delta and alpha forces, terminators.

leftfoot (far east plaza)
- i'm surprised than nobody mentioned this shop here before. i found it while looking for sneakattack. they have a better selection, in terms of both brand and model. they also have retro, even the not so rare ones. the prices aren't indicated in the shoes though. a bit of a hassle as you have to ask someone everytime. they had lasers.

some shops at queensway shopping centre also has common dunks and af1's, and they are priced lower compared to the prices of the same models at the above 3 shops.

stay away from some shops at peninsula plaza. they have fakes there. i saw one shop that has a "METH", splatters, alien, slim shady, all going for less than 130sgd. very poor quality, material feels and looks really crappy.
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