Skechers Thread

Aug 10, 2012
Here's a broad thread for Skechers. Please post all information and anything tied to Skechers on here. Might as well have a thread for the brand based on them having a low quantity of athletes signed with them.

It appears Joel Embiid may be signing with them soon, according to this one.
Very surprised Julius Randle switched. They also got Terance Mann.

Skechers does move units.

Nonetheless, I’m intrigued. Let’s see what happens!
Granted “big men don’t sell shoes” UA did absolutely nothing with embid with his MVP season. They just dropped like two lazy designed t-shirts.

Any release date or pricing for the BBall shoes. I’m interested. I hope they don’t make these difficult to obtain like NB when they re launched their BBall campaign.
i think skechers has some pretty underrated performance trail and running shoes tbh

many hardcore runners have very good things to say about their performance line - go run ride & go run max road in particular

i do a bit of hiking and have gear from mammut, arcteryx, hoka, merrell, columbia and these go run trail altitude models are pretty solid for instance - great cushion, support and lightweight (only 11oz each shoe). they feel kinda similar to hoka trail sneakers due to the stack and cushioning and seem like they could survive a couple of years of abuse. well made and only $80

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$150 for introductory into BBall 🤔 y’all think that’s too high? I think it should have been $120 at most.

I too could have seen an entry price point of $120. $150 is a bit much but honestly I don’t know how they price their other models (running, lifestyle, etc)

I too could have seen an entry price point of $120. $150 is a bit much but honestly I don’t know how they price their other models (running, lifestyle, etc)

im not even surprised at it being $150 - using hyperburst plus goodyear for outsole? yea they have some running shoes using the same tech for that price and higher so i would say the bball stuff is fairly priced

i do agree that they should have kept it more budget friendly, but as much as everyone loves to bag on them for their products, skechers actually pushes out decent performance shoes and if you remove their logo from it and probably throw something like the swoosh or 3 stripes on them, then people would be chill with the price
Both models available now on their website for $150 each. Promo didn’t work for these fyi. Damn shame a big company can’t do free shipping nowadays lol.
I never expected this brand to venture into sponsoring NBA players. Or active athletes in general. Because I recall they had retired athletes the last few years, NFL legends and Hall Of Famers Joe Montana & Howie Long to be specific, doing commercials for them.

They did get Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw a few years ago. He's the only active athlete I recognized wearing this brand. I don't think any other active MLB players are wearing it other than him.
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