Sleeping at Work

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ya so im at work and the usual broads gossiping telling me someone had fallen asleep.. and im like no way. she was like ya take a picture with your phone mine is not working steez :smh: i was like nah but i didnt want to look like a chump so i pull the cam out and sure enough my co worker dead asleep on the keyboard with her forehead straight on it...the computer was making a weird sound from all of the keyboard buttons pressed :rofl:
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Dudes lose everything if caught sleeping at work. Friend of mine was kicked out the Air Force for falling asleep during watch.
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i could tell the whole story behind it but then everyone would just want cliffs so i kept it short :lol:

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I've slept at work before. It was a rainy day so it wasn't busy so I opened up the store and waited for the rest of the workers then went in the back an slept for like an hour. Woke up feeling refreshed 
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Walked into work one day to this...
she works at a eurotic goods store looking that?

I sleep at work during lunch sometimes, find a room not in use and get the key and I be laid out across the tables with my legs having over the edge.
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I sleep at work all the time. I just leave go to my car and past out for 30 mins. I dont do it often but since no one is there to watch me really I might as well
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Sometimes I sleep on my lunch break, clock back in, then sleep for another 15 min. 

Then I take a ten minute break and sleep for 20 min.

Then take another break and eat some food.
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Ahh falling asleep at school....

One day I had stage design at the schools auditorium
Got done putting in work half way through the class so I sat down in the the front row infront of the stage

Now word on the block a woman fell from the room that controls everything in the auditorium and landed on the one of the seats down below and died
The teacher that told us the story says it was haunted

So anywho back to me falling asleep
I woke up in a chair in the front row ALL the lights are off in the auditorium and there is a small light coming from inside the class room
I grabbed my **** and footed outa there

I was also tardy for class
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This chick is knocked ouy sleep right now. We work 7p to 7a. She snoring louder than all the tvs lol.
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I'm a Direct Care Professional for a behavioral organization and I sleep during my overnight graveyard shift. Luckily I am assigned the building where there are no cameras. Supervisor makes 1-3 rounds a night, so as soon as he opens the door I wake right up.
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in my office, there is a "nap" room with a reclining chair thats comfortable as all get out in it.

im not sure if its called the "nap" room in a joking manner, or if people actually can sleep in there. my boss was the one who called it that too.
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