Sneaker Conventions now, what do you think?

Sep 28, 2003
What are your feelings on these events? Will it die out in several years, or will it continue?

Discussed this with friends one night, and most of them think it will end up slowing down, and not be so prominent in the future. Personally, as long as there are noobs to beast over the newest and latest 'limited editon' release, there is a market. Talk back!!
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My big problem with these events. Is that most of the vendors sell at ebay prices. They take the prices from high rated sellers on ebay. Even worse is that most of the stuff they are selling are not DS which I can buy off ebay DS for the same price. So I go but just to mingle. Besides its the only time I see kicks really being rocked.
not really a big fan of 'em... and i agree that they will eventually die out. too many of 'em going on nowadays.

the only time i really went to these things is when I had to unload a bunch of sneakers, haha...
nya nya nya!!!
Have you heard the expression...Too Much of a Good Thing?

Sole Asassins
Kix Source
Market Street Mayheim
Sole Bar...comming soon.

And all these are just in So. Cal. I think a couple will survive...but as for the rest, soon R.I.P.


^^^^^you forgot solesearch :wow:
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solesearch died out,
when to the last Duckex's and its always the same people. I go to sell some shoes but I charge nt prices, also go to look for some heat but some people are funny trying to get 580 for space jams!
Soon some spots will die out and soon after shows will be gone untill the hype is back!
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Convention? Not even close, more like swap meet but with high prices..
Im guilty you will be able to find me in these events (sometimes) but I go to check out old friends and to see what it has become :frown:
. @#%$ is CRAZY, like you swear that Im going to pay 3x more for a shoe that dropped 4hours ago.....Or Im such an idiot to trade you my DS 10+ year old pair for what you bought 4 hours ago.. :rofl:
Yes folks thats what it has become (market wise). People are there to make the quick here is my advise. Buy what you like and not make the purchase to for a quick buck! And if you decide to wake your @#%$ early to cop a pair and run to your nearest SoleExchangeSource thingy just sleep your time...take part in saving the earth with emisssion control...Because all your going to do is drive back to the store and ask for a refund.

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