Sneaker Pimps L.A. Show - Friday, August 3rd- Flyer inside

Jan 31, 2006
Haven't seen a post in here about it. I was just wondering if anyone else is going. I know i am, anyways......

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i'll see you there

i was such a big blink fan when they were together, so of course gotta c travis play.
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sorry for my sneaker pimp newbness but what exactly goes down at one of these? i kno theres a big custom kicks wall/contest and some sneakpeaks and stuff like that but what else? is it worth the 2 and half hour trip from sd + 20 bucks?
san diego does it right
KICKS 10.5-11

aim - eyyowassupazn
is cartoon going to be there or just his shoes

its about 100 billion dudes and 10 girls usually with their boyfriends. Aight music and thats it.
ima be up you think mad people are gonna be up there?...i dont know how early i should show up
Team Chiican0

"Because Mexicans Are Fresh Too!!!"
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no hate, but I can't believe these things even make any money, if it wasn't for the endorsement money or sponsors, there's no way they could make this happen. I've been to these and man I've never had a good time. maybe the ones overseas, but any of these sp events in the states I can't get down with. co-sign, I know it's about the shoes, but that culture is dead as hell. so next thing is to see some birds, but most of them will be coming from the IE or cerritos and be handcuffed with their mans and still wanna holla, have their mans take a pic of me with them, blah blah blah.

I want to support my fam expensive taste and Cartoon but damn, this is gonna be geekfest 2007

congrats to them for still having this run.
DJ Homicide, DJ AM, DJ Ben Baller = A M C
redman held it down

and Dj Tyger Lilly is BOMB
Team Chiican0

"Because Mexicans Are Fresh Too!!!"
AIM: D7 Walks
reppin socal 951​
Redman was rocking the mic like crazy. It was my first time there and it was alright. The bartender didnt card me. :pimp:
Killah Cali Westcoast
first time too...alcohol was moderately priced...the regular club crowd kinda looked outta place though. Redman was cool, though he's getting old. love seein' some of the Size? Air Maxes they had on display
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