Snoop Dogg feat. Pharrell - From Da Chuuch To Da Palace

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Classic Neptunes banger right here...this was when Star Trak could do no wrong...perfect summer musc

Video was great too

Ask Bill Gates yeah I know the homey Snoop
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Originally Posted by ExtRaOrDinaRy SwAg

always loved this beat. I NEEEEEEEEEVER hear anyone talk about that album

Damn near forgotten this album ain't the reason Snoop is still relevant..
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Appreciated, used to bump this back in high school. Album was hit and miss to me though.


formerly timpace
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Snoop and Pharrell (Neps) is just like Jay Z and Pharrell...can do no wrong imo
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Originally Posted by datprepboivinc3

I want to Thank OP for reminding about this song.. I have not heard this song in hella long Good Looks Son..
Same thing happened man this came on shuffle and I got the
face back

And It Blows My Mind as well
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