So a woman named Sophia Stewart wrote the Matrix and Terminator series(?)

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I was lurking around on another site and saw something along the lines of  "the author of the Terminator and Matrix series got what she deserved". You can google her name and get the info but for some reason there aren't any known media outlets that are reporting the info. According to the news sites, shes entitled to a settlement due to the fact that both trilogies grossed 2.5 billion combined. I just wish there were more credible news outlets to report on it
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hmmm..i think i heard about this a few months back...I think they already settled didnt they?she got PAID I beleive
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In regards to the Matrix:

In regards to Terminator, the main theme of Terminator isn't anything new to science fiction (smart machines/machines becoming "aware"). Watch Colossus: The Forbin Project and you'll see the same theme. Hell, that movie was Terminator before Terminator.
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Originally Posted by Cicero Avenue Dopeman

I thought one of the dudes who wrote them got a sex change
Never got the sex change, I believe. Dresses and lives as a woman, identifies as a woman.
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I THINK this was the same lady that was a call in guest on an underground radio show I used to listen to here in DC a few years ago.At first I was skeptical,but the way she broke down The Terminator & The Matrix and then explained the two concepts in such a way that the movies actually related to one another had me like %@+?!?! Even the hosts were a little taken back by the things she had to say.
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[h1]Debunked Sophia Stewart vs. The Matrix story still circulates web[/h1]

No, Sophia Stewart, an African-American writer who claims the theWachowski brothers stole The Matrix Trilogy from her, never won acopyright infringement suit against the pair. Neither has her claimthat the Terminator was stolen from her ever had traction.

For some reason, Stewart didn't show up to court on her big day in June 2005, and the judge ruled against her. Yet, this story of her wining the lawsuit continues to be reported on websites as fact.

It came to the African-American Books Examiner's attention today that Stewart's long-ago debunked story still circulates the web when she opened email this morning. She understands how people so easily believeStewart's tale. For one, it's usually presented as a new story and thiswriter once bought the erroneous reports of a win herself. Next, peoplelove a good David-beats-Goliath story. However, the Af-Am Examinersays, "Think on this Stewart story some more."

Had Stewart, whoclaims the movies are based on her 1981 short story "The Third Eye,"actually won her case, considering how much money both The MatrixTrilogy and The Terminator earned, the victory story would have beenall over the evening news, in major newspapers and on Oprah in 2005.Not only would that have happened, but Stewart would be well-known increative communities. In addition, no matter her race, if it had beenproven that she had ideas for two blockbusters series, she'd have beenpicked up by a studio, even if it was Tyler Perry's studio or a Spike Lee Joint

Thehottest color of Hollywood is green. People with blockbuster moneyideas do not get tossed aside. Producers would want to tap Stewart tosee if lightning strikes thrice even if they had to record sessionswith her so they could prove later they didn't steal anything.

Nevertheless,understanding that sometimes a person may have a once-in-a-lifetimestory that slips away from her or him, here is a link to Sophia Stewart's legal documentation. She is being promoted as "The Mother of the Matrix."

Winning a copyright infringement case against a studio is nearly impossible. While humorist Art Buchwald sued Paramount over Eddie Murphy's Coming to America and won,it's rare to triumph over Hollywood studios because of the high numberof people who claim studios stole their ideas but have no real proof. After awhile, cries that "Hollywood stole my idea" start to soundlike shouts of "I'm innocent" behind prison bars. A few people have arighteous cause. Most, however, are lying to themselves.

Furthermore,as serious, working writers know, if you don't have proof of theft,your new work will reflect that you possess the skill and talent tohave produced the work you say was stolen. However, with the history ofAfrican-Americans in the book publishing industry, in Hollywood,in America being what it is, a history of under-appreciation and worse,it's understandable why so many African-Americans believe withoutquestion that Stewart got the shaft.

What's the truth about Sophia Stewart's case?

As explained at, the rumor that she won started after a college student made a huge error in a story for her college newspaper.
  • Aless than accurate newspaper article about Stewart and her case causedmany to believe the woman claiming authorship had won her copyrightinfringement suit and was about to receive a multi-billion dollarsettlement. This 28 October 2004 article, penned by a second-yearcommunications student for the Salt Lake Community College Globe,erred in mistaking Stewart's 4 October 2004 successful counter to adismissal motion for her having prevailed in her suit. The articleasserted Stewart "will recover damages from the films, The Matrix I, II and III,as well as The Terminator and its sequels" and would "soon receive oneof the biggest payoffs in the history of Hollywood." What Stewart hadwon was the right to proceed with her case, but nothing more.

    The Globe subsequently posted the following correction:
    Inreference to the recent article entitled "Mother of the MatrixVictorious," some information has been deemed misleading. Ms. SophiaStewart has not yet won her case against Joel Silver, Time Warner andthe Wachowski Bros. The decision on October 4th enabled Ms. Stewart toproceed with her case, as all attempts to have it dismissed wereunsuccessful. Ms. Stewart's case will proceed through the CentralDistrict Court of California.
    The Globe Staff
    In November 2009, some web-based news sites erroneously republished outdated (and inaccurate) articles from 2004 claiming that Sophia Stewart had won her case.
Assaid at the beginning of this article, when she later had her day incourt, Stewart was absent. Read the full story's debunking at

The African-American Books Examiner leaves room for a shadow of doubt in Stewart's favor, but as a writer herselfwho knows the challenges writers face, she would tell Stewart if youget knocked down, stop dwelling on what could have been. Stand up, moveforward, keep writing. Show the world you have more in you than whatyou think you've lost.

While era of self-publishing, where is Volume 2?

Yes, some in the black community have jumped high to champion Stewart and readily believe whatever conspiracy theoriesare presented on her behalf, but if you want to nourish her as a blackwriter, a better message for Stewart all these years later would bethis one: Stop being known as the victim of theft. Get back to writing and publishing. Start being known as the creator of fresh visions, new stories. Prevail by the pen! 

Related story: "Terminator is actually a drama!"  Sophia Stewart "lost her bid to get Oscar-nominated director James Cameron and the men behind production company Halcyon Holding Group LLC arrested."
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