so i just got a pair of aquas

Aug 4, 2007
and im just wondering if its okay to bal in them. are they comfortable wen running up and down the court? dont worry i got two pairs :D

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if u have 2, definetely ball in one of em. got my 2 today and if you rock em wit da white ped socks it makes you feel like ballin.
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just balled in em and dogged on some 6 footers but the fit was rather tight but i guess thats wat protections for
TVunit to the maxxx
theyre very very hot.

they gave michael athletes foot
real talk

Sell me white and 3m tounge v's and flips sz. 11. PM me if you got em 4 cheap
They're REAL cushy, bad if you small and quick, they'll slow you down a bit because of it. And they get REALLY hot, like he^ said.
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They have great cushion, but there are setbacks. Most mentionable are the weight problem and the breathability issues.
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i balled in them yesterday and they are very comfy. like they said before the shoe does get hot but i wear dry fit socks so its not so bad. the only thing is i did not break them in enough so they gave me corns on my pinkie toes.
i wouldnt recommend balling in any recent retro Jordan...
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