So I Just Watched "The Smartest Guys In The Room"

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These dudes had mad power and were greedy as hell, Top Executives committing suicide, calling power plants here in California and telling them to shut down for a couple hours to drive the price of power up.  When we were having rolling blackouts across California.
And to have all the big banks and accounting firms in on it and making everyone believe they could predict what the future was gonna hold. I mean $1000 a share at one point in time to .40 when they filed for bankruptcy

Anybody else watched this?....It's supposed to premiere on CNBC next month 
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Great movie.... I had to watch it in three different classes between undergrad and graduate school.

Skilling has been in the news recently trying to get his jail sentenced either reduced or dropped because he claims the trial was "prejudiced." I hope him and Fastow both spend the rest of their lives in jail.

I wonder how much money all of the top guys have stored away offshore. There's no way the government got ahold of all of it. I bet they each have billions offshore.
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Originally Posted by HigherGround

There best trader John Arnold is a billionaire now.
I had to look him up but dude is really caked out right now and he's really young too.
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It's all about Lou Pai gettin away with his stripper.
I almost threw the remote at the TV on this one.
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Yeah Enron F'd over a lot of people and big Lou is livin large somewhere.....dude was taking the traders with him to the strip clubs after work and charging it all to Enron accounts, taking strippers up to his office cause they didn't believe him that he was the CEO of a company .

Oh and you know they have money stashed off shore there were foreign banks in on their scam too like Credit Swiss(sp?) and few others. Plus they got hundreds of millions when Enron went down. They couldn't produce earnings sheets anytime anyone asked for them at one point Skilling calling that guy an a hole.
Fastow I'm pretty sure copped a plea deal cause he's a rat Skilling is a smug mother, i hope he does spend the rest of his life in jail. They ego tripped like crazy calling themselves "the smartest men in the room" only letting reporters the good side of Enron cause they knew if they started asking questions it was all gonna come to the light.
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watched this on netflix after i saw this thread and i must say i was amazed at some of the stuff they pulled off
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