So I'm going to SoCal in a few days

Apr 7, 2007
Mainly for college visits....I got a couple of questions

How long does it take to drive from Santa Ana to San Diego?
What about from Santa Ana to LA? To Irvine?

How are the areas around USC, UCLA, LMU, UCSD, and UC Irvine? Are there any places I should check out? And should I avoid wearing blue/red around USC (I've never been there, but people tell me its in a bad neighborhood)?
SA to SD should run you about and hr and a 1/2 to 2 hrs just depending on traffic and how fast you drive...

SA to LA should be anywhere from 1/2 hr to an hr... depending on the traffic and which part of LA you tryin to hit up...

SA to Irvine maybe 10-15 min.. more or less depending on which part of SA you're coming from and which part of Irvine you are trying to hit up... and of course there's traffic
nya nya nya!!!
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