So.... John Gruden

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nothing against the guy.... but I've been watching him with the QB draft picks on ESPN's Gruden's QB Camp and I'm just wondering what he's doing there? I mean statistically anyone can say, well Brandon he won a superbowl as a head coach... but did he not inherit that from a team that Tony Dungy built? I think he seems like a nice guy personally but....

Gruden: "Where's your weight distributed"!?
Tebow: 80-20!
Gruden: "Well thats what I like to hear..."

I do like the show because it gives a little insight into these QB's coming into this years draft but some of the stuff he says... I don't know. Your thoughts...
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the show was good

i liked how he was tough with all four

btw u might say he inherited a superbowl team, but the team he left also made the same superbowl
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Too much goes into gameplanning to inherit a superbowl squad...One that Tony Dungy failed to get over the hump repeatedly. And what have the Raiders really done since he left except the squad that was "inherited" by Bill Callahan that he beat in the super bowl.

I thoroughly enjoy these segments.
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I think he's like 75% BS'n with these guys because he can.

These guys seem mad awkward though. Bradford was leant back in his chair on some Top Gun @$% like "Yeah I'm getting drafted #1, can't tell me nuthin..." Gruden had Colt & Tim shook, and Jimmy seemed like the only one that was relaxed and ready to learn. Just sayin....
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Haven't seen the show but as to your question, Gruden's been known around the circles as a "QB guru" and obviously does know the game... this show is I'm sure nothing more than another ESPN prop for them to hype the draft, Tebow and MNF. We all know that. Gruden is the guy picked to do it cause he's already on the payroll. And he wants the exposure.
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Originally Posted by RetroBaller

ill take his word over yours
Saw the season recap for the Bucs on NFL network, this guy buries himself in x's and o's. Wish the Lions would've grabbed him instead of Schwartz.
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The only one I seen taking notes was Clausen.

It may have been a for TV thing but I liked it.
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Originally Posted by Statis22

The only one I seen taking notes was Clausen.

It may have been a for TV thing but I liked it.
except when Clausen was writing notes it was after Gruden was talking about not making mistakes.... lol
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I think Gruden is on point with the things he's saying to the rookie QBs. After watching these segments, Gruden needs to be a head coach asap.
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Thought it was offcial, Coach Gruden went well into what they should expect there intro to the League to be. I think the four QB's generally took to the liking of what they hear over and over on a regular basis and were ready to answer. They passed that test pretty easily.

My fav parts were how coach was explaining how the WR's ask for the ball on certain plays and how the QB's gotta make the team everything go in the right flow.
Also, the Drew Bree's appreciation story about how they razored to John Abraham knowing exactly what was gonna be open and make something happen. Real in depth and made me appreciate the NFL and its players much more.
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Originally Posted by JumpmanFromDaBay

even though hes not a Rookie i would love to see him and JaMarcus in film room
Chuckie - "what would you do with what this defense is giving you...?"

Jamarcus - "...."

Chuckie - "....?"

Jamarcus - "....."

Chuckie - " Son put down the doughnut"

But on the reals, he caught a bad break in TB, he didnt have a QB/RB and the defense was gettin older.... give it a year or 2 and hes back in the league....
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