so my computer is making me to this capatcha crap every 2 do i get rid of it?

Joined Mar 28, 2009
like it just pops up tellin me to write in two words or the computer will shut down

it is part of that personal security viurs but i deleted it with super anti spyware and upgraded to mozilla?

anyone know a way to make this thing stop poppin up?
Joined Apr 8, 2003
the thing with these anti-virus programs is it doesn't really remove the virus. You can't just scan and delete or quarantine the virus. Chances are its either still in your registry or hidden in some type of .dll file. Especially with trojans..well designed/programmed trojans are hard to find and remove.
Joined Sep 1, 2009
lmao. those captcha's youre making someone money.
cause they need those to send spam on myspace. the captchas that is.
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