so nobody discusses sole munki anymore? maybe you should...

Aug 31, 2004
wow... i jus mean wow...
i stopped by today, and darius was cool as hell (wen he got there)... he let me peep some of the exclusive top secret clothing line droppin this fall... and i mean, its on a whole notha level then wat anybody anywhere is on... crazy designs, with even crazier ideas... affordable prices too, not the crazy prices of some brands... new, better quality comin on these tees, hoodies, etc. too... no more print on all the tees... dont sleep on the munki...
never sleep on the munki.. lol

check my footwork

Sizes 10.5-11Nike Air Force 1 Low Linen
Nike Air Force 1 High Stash w/case
Nike Air Force 1 High Head Automatica

the footwork project
^^^what you sleep with a monkey lol
No tints, make no mistake y'all it's Hova
I stay sportin' played Jordan's before Jordan

For the cosigners umm please sign here____ here___ and umm initials here___
"To me it look like a leprechaun to me....all you gotta do is look up at the tree...
I went up there today, and they had some cool grey IXs that I woulda copped, but they werent my size.
its FINALLY here... haha... took long enough, right?




personally love the bright colors, very eye catching...
hit up sole munki, think they got some more left...
and there will sample clothing, from the clothing line posted soon, in the next month or so
i saw a dude today, in stockbridge driving a neon w/the big solemunki head on his back window...that tee reminds me of baby milo.
i wasnt in stockbridge today... hahaha...
nah forreal, o dang, i was in stockbridge, haha... thas right
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