So OJ is at it again...smh lol

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the smartest man on the face of the earth in the notorious white bronco
i lied.
Angry Black Man on an ELEVATOR
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Due to the fact that fiscally I'm extremely grandiose at this juncture, I can now be referred to as J.R. Paperstacks
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I got money schemes that come to me in my dreams...
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This dude needs to just sit down somewhere.... I'd disappear to another country if I got away with murder...
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Quote:[hr][/hr]"The legal saga of O.J. Simpson went further into left field yesterday, when the former murder defendant and former football star was accused of stealing a cache of his own sports memorabilia at gunpoint from a Las Vegas hotel room."[hr][/hr]
I guess he thought no one would recognize him. :lol:
I've been in tha shoe game for years. It made me an animal!​
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"Drink apple juice because O.J will kill you!!!"

Not my quote but it had me rolling.
"The petty economics of the rich are just as amazing as the silly extravagances of the poor." ebengregory
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I don't know what to say about this whole thing........either OJ just don't think....or he be gettin set up....but they startin to mess with him like Mike Jackson man....something go wrong...find OJ......i still can't believe this mug tried to put out a book titled....."If I did It....." c'monnnnnn mmmmaaaaaaannnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joined Aug 29, 2004
^ @#%$ OJ!!... and here ABC news had the nerve to show his post-drugie daughter and yet another OJ snow bunny girlfriend in support of his dumb-@#%$... LOL
People need to realize OJ is no more of a factor in the black community as Bush is.....
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