So the nice people of Lamar University allow my school seniors to tour their campus....

Feb 8, 2008
and they let their ignorance kick and the basketball players decide to fight some of the Lamar students....

(Don't know how to embed
Seriously these fools fought and all them got suspended so their games got school is on the right Madison High School and let's just say myschool is ghetto everybody's in a "Gang" and they all wear tight clothes and think they fresh and spend their paychecks on sneakers and alwayshave their phones cut off because they couldn't pay for them

All trips from here on are canceled
I'd like to thank ourseniors...but it's a weak "Fight" because there's more jumping then fighting....
thats terrible. they need to take only qualified kids on trips like that. leave all the F and D students or those with bad test scores at school to clean thetoilets
southside Houston _s always jumpin. was that the HSers in theuniforms? I would not fight a high schooler even if I was a freshman in college
smh dudes look like they were raving swinging their arms around and $$$ before somebody actually got hit
FML why do fight videos never have the whole thing honestly but I wish my schools uniforms were like yours, our school is so strict when it comes to that
Originally Posted by DoubleJs07

That's probably the closest those morons will ever get to a college.....
Nah. They'll end up at Lamar, TSU, or PV, like the other ignorant kids who couldn't get into schools with standards.
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