So who's the best rapper/producer?

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I'm listening to that "Got it twisted" right now.
While he did kill that Curtis 187 beat idk about him bein better then Ye.


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And I don't care about the popular opinion, PAUL AND JUICE!!
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Originally Posted by DallasSneakerHead08

While he did kill that Curtis 187 beat idk about him bein better then Ye.
yeah idk, Ye is up there lol.. that Curtis 187 is ridiculously
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Im going with Ye... no one throw out dudes like Dre, no knocks on him as a producer but hes always had ghostwriters and #$#% for his raps.

Kanye may be trash now but e is still top notch as a producer and the oy spit it NICE back in the day... College Dropout FTW still one of my all time favalbums

So uyeah ima take Kanye as the #1 rapper/producer mix. Other than that I'll throw out RZA but i believe Kanye as a rapper in his prime was way better thanRZA. Producing they are close i love Kanye's beats but i give RZA the nod. But RZA could never rap on an album College Drooput esque Kanye killed themajority of those songs.

I'll also throw out Q-Tip as a HM... mad respect for him.

Also mad respect for Black Milk im a big fan but its wayyyy too early in his career to throw him up there with the dudes i just mentioned.
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Hmmm what has 3stax produced? I didn't know he did. Imma have to exclude hims since I don't know bout his producing work yet.

Anyway yall have to weight the rapping AND producing ability. So Kanye and Em shoudl be mentioned but Em's beat haven't ever impressed me, a lot I findbad. Kanye has amazing beats but has slowly dropped in lyrical ability with every album.

I'd say it's between dudes like Q-Tip, Black Milk, MF Doom. I know I'm forgetting some great Mcs who also are very good producers
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3000 co produced alot of Outkast tracks he produced The Love below. Dre has a number 1 hit unlike half the people yall naming. Em produces but like his mentorhe takes full credit for tracks he co produces
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