SoCal Bodyboarding

Nov 3, 2004
havent posted in forever.

anyone on here board?
im not just talking about your average beach go'er who just wastes beach space. but who on here bodyboards? if you do where at???

im usually at marine st / windansea, scripps, 15th, or oside, sometimes up in the oc.
Marine St/Windan Sea = best kept secret to SDs beaches. looks like a post card too. i practically lived there this summer. as soon as the local HS got out the skim boarder line up was nuts. some dudes were getting 15 feet in the air!
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Any of you guys go to La Jolla High?

I like going down to south mission beach. Not as good, but still fun.

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Been a while since I've sponged.

I used to hit up Scripps southside of the pier and Windansea.

I've got an old Custom X Quest 42.
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40th st. Newport three weeks ago...... E - P - I - C

they say maybe the best day in over a decade, i believe it, i was there
the wedge.. jk

i'm usually between newport beach / huntington beach in the summer.

ps. i hate riptides
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Manhattan Beach is my second home. Was there all summer. like almost everyday. Right next to the pier on the right side. Have to buy a new wetsuit for the winter sessions. Shout out your boards. I personally have a wave rebel 3xl 45..
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I used to live across from Strands in Dana Point... never crowded... a real spongers spot... all the surfers (and tourists) would be at salt creek. I'm not sure how it is nowadays with all the construction at the top of the bluff.
georgehimself and i paddle out at imperial beach or mission beach, though i haven't been out in a really long time.
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