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May 7, 2006
I'm planning on going to san diego or somewhere other than the la area for some kicks that i wana get like costa mesa or other cities that might carry hard to get shoes. Anybody know where exactly to go for some worth driving kicks? I wana go with some people that are into shoes to the point where you can lurk all day and not get bored. Im prob the only 1. Lol. If people are game and wana do the same post ur info. We gota take it back ya'll. But we gotta drop money like we in the strip club. Or at least buy 1 worth it shoe!
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what do you guys have? im honestly looking for another pair of xi blk red but looking to only spend about 300 or trade some one for a sz 10.5, i got these for sale or trade sz 10.5 ds fresh.

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